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A/C Ductwork is an area that is always evolving.  As it first started out in my grandfather’s day, it was fabricated on the job site with sheet metal and wrapped with insulation; it was quite a job to do.  Now it has evolved to flexible duct and duct board. With some of the material being able to be purchased at a hardware store, some non-professionals have attempted to do it themselves.  We strongly advise against this and recommend leaving it to the professionals.

Most ductwork is located in your attic which can be a hot and uncomfortable place to be. The ductwork needs to be properly sized to each room it runs to.  Improper sizing can lead to a hot room. Ductwork not sealed or installed correctly can also lead to mold or water issues. This area is sometimes overlooked at techs not wanting to endure the attic conditions. Jones A/C understands the importance of the duct system and what it’s purpose is.  Whether you’re looking to replace your duct system or just have it inspected for any air leaks, we are fully equipped to do so.

We have found that when upgrading to a new and more efficient system, it is often necessary to do some ductwork replacement, sealing and/or reconfiguration to maximize balanced air flow to all rooms in the air conditioning zone.

Ductwork over 10-15 years of age can lose up to 25% of the conditioned air due to leaks and poor fitting. As a result, your unit will run more and with less efficiency, costing you money through higher electric bills. You will also likely experience uneven cooling with certain areas just not getting enough airflow.

Air Conditioning Ductwork Service Areas

In order to provide the best A/C ductwork installation and repair services, we offer A/C ductwork services to a select few communities:

  • A/C Ductwork Service - Boca Raton, FL
  • A/C Ductwork Service - Boynton Beach, FL
  • A/C Ductwork Service - Deerfield Beach, FL
  • A/C Ductwork Service - Delray Beach FL
  • A/C Ductwork Service - Highland Beach, FL
  • A/C Ductwork Service - Ocean Ridge, FL

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Jones AC Services - Quality AC Ductwork
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